Chorizo Argentino | Argentinean Sausage
a la parrilla | grilled

Morcilla | Blood Sausage

a la parrilla | grilled

Morcilla Salteada | Sauteed Blood Sausage con cebolla | with onion

Chistorra | Spanish Rolled Sausage

Mollejas a la parrilla | Sweetbreads grilled

Mollejas al verdeo | Sweetbreads with green
con cebollas y chile | with spring onions and chili

Chinchulines de Ternera | Veal tripes

Provoleta Rincón | Rincon Provoleta Cheese con jitomate, jamón y pimiento asado 
with tomato, ham and roasted red pepper

Provoleta | Provoleta Cheese

Ceviche de Pulpo | Octopus Ceviche

Ceviche de Róbalo | Stripe Bass Ceviche

Queso Fundido | Melted Cheese

Queso con Chorizo | Cheese with Sausage

Queso con Chistorra | Cheese with Spanish Sausage

Tostada de Atún | Tuna Tostada

Tostada de Pulpo | Octopus Tostada

Pimiento Asado | Roasted Pepper

Carpaccio de Atún | Tuna Carpaccio

Tártara de Atún | Tuna Tartar

Carpaccio de Salmón | Salmon Carpaccio

Tártara de Salmón | Salmon Tartar